Vishandel Klooster

Welcome to the website of Vishandel Klooster. On the website you can find a variety of information about our history, products, different brands, certifications, where are our products for sale. You can click on the pictures of the product to see the ingredients and allergens. With this website, we hope to inspire and inform people of who we are and what we do.

About us

A family business where, for four generations, an honest and delicious fish product has been produced with craftsmanship. For 100 years, since 1922, we have been smoking eel, salmon, mackerel and herring according to traditional methods.
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Our products

Love for the product, quality and good service, that's what we stand for at Vishandel Klooster. In addition to our Enkhuizer smoked fish label, we also produce private label packaging in vacuum, MAP or skin. This can be done with wrapper, sleeve or label. With the new HPP technique that can be applied to vacuum or skin packaging, we can extend the shelf life of most products considerably. This way we offer a suitable solution for every customer.
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Our brands

The Enkhuizer smoked fish label is well known in the market. The label explains more about Vishandel Klooster, the origin and the specialism in hot smoked fish products since 1922. With a private label, you create distinctive capacity. This creates customer loyalty and less competition. Ask about the possibilities and we will be happy to help you.
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Our certifications

At Vishandel Klooster BV, you will only find products that meet the strict requirements of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. The shelf life study has been approved by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority on the basis of the Regulation Vo. 2073/2005 Vishandel Klooster BV is IFS (International Food Standard) certified.
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Vishandel Klooster is een familiebedrijf waar het ambacht al vier generaties wordt doorgegeven. Met 100 jaar ervaring zijn we van klein familiebedrijf uitgegroeid tot één van de grootste rokerijen binnen ons specialisme. Kwaliteit, duurzaamheid en goede service zijn de pijlers van ons bestaan. Deze gelden voor onze klanten, maar ook voor ons personeel. Bij Vishandel Klooster zoeken wij collega’s die bereid zijn om elkaar te helpen en gezamenlijk het bedrijf naar een hoger level willen brengen.
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